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Any questions, complaints, compliments or concerns please e-mail [email protected]  This distribution list will forward to comments to the Local League convenors and schedulers.

League Format

The CWAEH league season starts the weekend after Thanksgiving and ends the weekend before March Break.

Each division (Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget) generally has 8-12 teams from across the three centres.

Exhibition Round

All teams play an exhibition round - playing each team in their division once.  The exhibition round finishes in the first weeks of December.

Playoff Round

Based on the results of the exhibition round, each division is split into two pools.  The pools are determined by the Local League convenors from each centre, with the goal of playoff rounds that are as competitive and evenly matched as possible.  The convenors meet to determine the pool divisions the week before the last exhibition round.  In some cases a final decision on the pools may be delayed until after the final week of exhibition play.  The schedule for the playoff round is available approx 1 week after the pools have been finalized.

The playoffs then consist of a double round robin (home and away against each other team in the pool).  If the number of teams is particularly small or large, then an alternate format including a semi-final game may be used.  The playoff format of each pool will be communicated before the playoff rounds start.

Timeouts:  In the playoff round (including championship games) each team has one 30 second timeout
Overtime for semis and finals:  There is no overtime in either the seeding round or the playoffs. In pool championship or semi final games, there will be one 10 minute period of 5 on 5 sudden death overtime.  If still tied after overtime, there will be a shootout of 5 players from each team. 
If tied after all 5 shooters, then the teams continue to shoot in pairings until the shooter of one team misses and the shooter of the other team scores.  Shooters cannot repeat until all shooters on a team have shot. 

Pool Championships

For pools with 5 or more teams, the top two teams in the pool play in a Championship game scheduled on or around the weekend before March Break.  The first place team in the playoff round is the home team for the Championship game.
For pools with 4 teams, there will be a semi final round where the 1st place team in the pool hosts that 4th place team in the pool, and the 2nd place team in the pool hosts the 3rd place team in the pool.  The winners of the two semi final games will play in the championship game.

Rankings within the pool will be determined using the following criteria;  if two or more teams are tied after the first criteria, the tie will be broken with the second criteria; if still tied look at the 3rd criteria etc.

  1. Total points in the playoff round (2 for win, 1 for tie)
  2. Wins between tied teams during the playoff round (head to head)
  3. Total wins in playoff round
  4. Differential between tied teams (i.e. if they each won one of the two games in the playoffs, the team who won 4-1 would be ahead of the team who won 4-3)
  5. Differential overall (point spread across the whole playoff round)

There is a Red Pool and a White Pool Champion in each division.  

Wherever possible, all other teams not involved in Championship finals will have an exhibition game scheduled for that last weekend before March Break.


Game Days and Times

Most Novice through Bantam games are played on Saturday morning or afternoon and sometimes Sundays, though the occasional mid week game will be scheduled as required.

Centre Wellington early ice times (6am - 7am start time) will only be used for CW vs CW games.  Occasionally a non-CW team will have an 8am start time in Centre Wellington, but generally teams travelling to an away game will have a start time of 9am or later.

Midget games are generally played on Sunday or Monday evening, though occasionally a game will be scheduled for another mid-week night

Game Length

Game lengths vary by centre based on available ice.  The following times are most likely, but local centres have the right to set game lengths at their discretion.

  Novice Atom  Peewee Bantam Midget
 Acton          10/10/15
 Arthur  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10
 Centre Wellington  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/10
 Erin-Hillsburgh  10/10/10  10/10/10  10/10/15  10/15/15  10/15/15
 Grand Valley  10/10/15  10/10/15  10/15/15    

Penalty Sanction - multiple minors in a single game

As per OMHA rules and regulations, 3 stick infraction penalties during a game will award the player with a game ejection penalty (GE56). Stick infractions include high-sticking, cross-checking, slashing, butt-ending, or spearing

In addition in the CWAEH local league, if a player receives 4 minor penalties (accumulating 8 minutes or more in penalty minutes) in a single game that player will then be ejected from the game. Note that a double minor - such a intentional head contact - counts as 2 penalties (4 minutes). A 10 minute misconduct would not count towards this penalty tally.

Supplemental discipline could possibly follow at the discretion of the player's home association and the league.

Game Results
Both teams share responsibility for reporting games scores via their home website, however the home team convenor has primary responsibility for tracking down any missing scores.

Game Sheets

It is the responsiblity of each centres local league convenor/director to collect and store all game sheets for games at their home arenas.  Game sheets are not reviewed centrally as a standard procedure, but must be available to resolve any disagreements over game results or similar issues.

Jersey Colour conflicts

Team colours are to be communicated before the start of the season by the convenors, and noted on the schedule.  A set of white jerseys will be available at each centre

Jersey Colour conflicts

Team colours are to be communicated before the start of the season by the convenors, and noted on the schedule. A set of white jerseys will be available at each centre

AP and defaults

< 6 players is a default
A team will default a game if they have fewer than 6 players. If one of these players does not include a goalie, the team will play with 6 skaters.
Players are to be fully dressed 10 minutes before the game
If a game has not started due to a lack of players, or because there is no goalie, and additional 5 minute grace period will be given. At 5 minutes passed the scheduled start time, the game will either be called as a default, or will start without a goalie.

AP’ing goalies and players
Only rostered players including official AP's are permitted.  The only exception is in an emergency where a team is without a goaltender, they are permitted to contact the Region 3 OMHA REM Paul Wilson to ask for an emergency exception to allow a substitute goalie who is not an AP (either from another team in the same division, or a non-AP player from the lower division).

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